Maybe love notes aren't a lost art, you just need an iPhone?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I have well and truly been dragged into the 21st century.
Instead of getting love notes scribbled on little pieces of paper, chucked on your desk, I now get them in the form of a photo taken on an iPhone.
I hate to gloat (but I will), my lovely boyfriend sent me this to brighten up my day, and giggle like a school girl I did!!! Sigh.

Hello, I live here.

Not really, but I can dream. These fine images are from another one of my favourite photographers, Todd Selby. Todd’s website The Selby features photographs he has taken of interesting people in either their homes or creative spaces. Not only does he take fabulous photographs, he also creates water colour paintings and videos of some of his subjects. Todd has travelled world wide in search of new and interesting places to photograph and the outcome is a fantastic look into an amazing range of subjects. Hopefully he’ll be gracing our shores very soon. Check out The Selby here.
Photographs: Todd Selby

Good design

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

There is nothing more exciting than good design.
Occasionally I'll come across a design that will take my breath away. My pulse will quicken and a childish, dorky grin will come across my face. What can I say, I'm a sucker for nice type and some pretty colours.
Anyway, I came across a great blog today, Pitch Design Union and I nearly went into cardiac arrest. Page after page of fine design. I think I nearly broke into a sweat.
I managed to calm myself down in time to read a post about the wonderful digital collage of Cristiana Couceiro – her blog is definitely worth a visit.
Be sure to check out Pitch Design Union. There is so much to look at – it will keep me amused for days!
Digital collage by Cristiana Couceiro 

You don’t want to be in love; you want to be in love in an orchard.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I have a love affair with orchards. Any kind. There’s something so divine about them. When Zee and I were little, there was a place we’d drive past on the way to “holidays” where the hills were covered in orchards and little houses were dotted on properties in the distance. In winter you’d see big fluffy grey clouds rolling in over the mountains, little rain drops falling from the leaves, and mist in little pockets where valley’s formed. There was a little shop on the highway where you could get hot roasted nuts, apples and honey. It was absolutely magical for little girls dreaming out of car windows. And I’m pretty sure most of the time I added a Pony to the fantasy; but who wouldn’t?
Photograph: Anna Wolf

I'm off to join the circus.

It has been a bad morning. I woke up thinking it was Thursday, arrived at work to find a mess to deal with, and to make things worse I forgot to charge my iPod, so now have no choice but to listen to 5 top 20 songs repeated all day on the radio. 
Lella emailed to say good morning and so I blurted the story of my horror morning onto the screen and clicked 'send'. Her reply was simply an attachment. A wonderful piece by Corita Kent that made me laugh. All of a sudden things didn't seem so bad, and I can even block out Katy Perry's 'Hot and Cold' that has been played twice already this morning.
Artwork by Corita Kent

Love; it seems like only yesterday.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ahhhh Young love. The break ups, the make ups, the protocol for telephone conversations, holding hands in the playground. The notes – “will you go out with me? yes/no (circle one)”,  “do you wanna get ice cream on Saturday?” or simply just, “I really like you”
I think we should bring back the love note.

Photograph: Teen Vogue

To sew or not to sew?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

If any of you are at all creative you will know that starting a new project (be it sewing, painting, printing, etc.) can be a messy process. I'm itching to get my sewing machine out and start on some gifts for friends and a few new toys, but I just can't bring myself to make a mess! We don't have a lot of space, so as soon as the sewing machine comes out we lose our dining table and most of our living room. Should I just take the plunge or enjoy my tidy living area for a few more days?
Illustration by Zee


Friday, February 20, 2009

Anna Wolf creates beautiful, sometimes whimsical, images. This was a beauty story she photographed for Untitled Magazine. You can easily get lost in her work and wish you were somewhere with these gorgeous characters.
Go get lost at
Photograph: Anna Wolf for Untitled Magazine

I’m sure at one time or another all of us would have pointed our cameras to the sky in the pursuit of capturing that fantastic blue, grey or even black. I was recently rummaging through my Dad’s old photos and found this one that he had taken in my Mum’s front yard when they were dating. I love it, the colour is so beautiful and its very dear to my heart.
Photograph: Our Dad

You can paper my walls anytime

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I love wallpaper. I don't actually have any in my home (apart from some off cuts of Florence Broadhurst designs I have stored safely under my bed), but if I was going to be papering my walls I can tell you now I would be heading straight to Publisher Textiles.
Publisher Textiles handprint their beautiful range of wallpapers using processes that are environmentally friendly and also have their own range of fabric, printed art, cushions and lamp shades. One day I may go crazy – Publisher Textile style!
Visit their website to see more of their glorious designs and to check out where you can buy their wares.
Photos: Publisher Textiles wallpaper designs.

Happy Thursday

Today is Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday. Simple I know, but on this sunny Thursday I'm feeling the love and wanted to share some. Plus, it's a lovely excuse to share some balloons.
Happy Thursday.

Photograph: Chris Searl

Marc Johns

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I’m kicking myself that I’ve only just found out about Marc Johns. His drawings are magical. They’re funny, simple and beautiful. Instead of me going on about how fantastic he is; this is what he had to say about himself:
“I use watercolours in ways you shouldn't. I make my own sketchbooks. If I smoked, I'd roll my own. I'd rather draw than rent a movie. Don't try to start a conversation with me about recent films. I haven't seen any. I play the guitar. If I was a hobo, I'd learn to play the ukulele, because you could fit one in your duffle bag. My artwork and the materials I use are quite compact. You could fit my studio in a large suitcase.”

I love this guy.

Artwork: Marc Johns
Excerpt from

My mantra

Concrete Hermit is an awesome webstore that sells really cool prints, tees, books and toys.
A little off beat but completely worth it. This print is my favourite, it is a woodblock letterpress print by Anthony Burrill. I have this up at my desk at work, people get a good kick out of it, but I do actually think its a nice message and definitely one worth taking on board.

Artwork: Anthony Burrill

I love Milk.

Actually I’m lactose intolerant, so of course I’m talking about the uber chic French parenting title.
The fashion shoots are amazing; I can only understand bits and pieces but you do not really need to read it to appreciate the work that goes into every little detail. Every issue is fresh and delightful, whether you have children or not. Want to know the best part? They also have a d├ęcor magazine under the same title – lots of inspiration, lots of beautiful images, and lots of Paris love.
Check it out:

Kate Towers

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When I saw Kate Towers' beautiful designs I had the sudden desire to be running through a field on a summer's afternoon, or sipping tea from fine china. 
Kate draws inspiration for her one of a kind pieces from nature and romance, hand producing her designs in her Portland studio. You can find Kate's designs on her website or in her Etsy store.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could wear clothes like this everyday...
Photography by Peter VanBeever and John Mulligan

Anything for me Mr Postman?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

There is nothing more exciting than sifting through the days mail (mainly bills) and finding a letter or postcard from a loved one. It's a rare but precious thing. 
I have a dear friend living in London and occasionally she'll send me a beautiful postcard from the latest museum she has visited, or something she has picked up during her travels. These cards are so special to me and I feel loved and remembered when I receive one.
It's so much easier and quicker to email or text message each other these days, but I think it is important that we buy a book of stamps and send a card to someone special every now and then. Let's keep the art of letter writing alive and bring a little joy to someone next time they check their letterbox.

The way to my heart

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'm a romantic. Always have been always will be. In saying that, I have never really been into the whole 'Valentines Day' thing. It's all so commercial and having a set day to be 'romantic' kind of takes the romance out of it. I think there is nothing more special than getting a 'just because' bunch of flowers on a random day, or having a love note left on your pillow.
I think this photo from one of our favourite blogs, lelove, is just beautiful. If you are in the mood for a little love and romance I recommend you check it out.
Photo: Flickr

Friday, February 13, 2009

If I was an Olsen twin (read into this how you may) and had lots of money to publish a book about who inspires me most, photographer Chris Searl would be right at the beginning. Chris (alias “Hollywood”) is one of my favourite photographers/Editors. As a founding partner of Monster Children and Paperplane magazines, he “had me at hello”. Being a huge fan of skate photography I find myself in awe every time I pick up a Monster Children, or any other publication that feature his photography. Not only does he create awe inspiring images such as the above, his fashion shoots are just as flawless – and he can grow a pretty sweet beard.
Chris shoots nationally and internationally for titles such as
Oyster, Vice, Nylon, The Sunday Magazine and ‘Beikoku Ingaku’ in Japan. He’s worked on campaigns for Mooks, Mambo, Sony Music, Bonds, Stussy, Insight, DC Shoes and many more.
See for yourself here: or here:

Photographs: Chris Searl

Skull lovin'

I love my neighbourhood. Random little things pop up everywhere and this was one of them. Every morning on my way to work I'd have a little look at the two skeleton lovers and it would just make me feel happy. It had been up for a few weeks so I took this polaroid, and within a few days someone had ripped the whole thing down. Rip my heart out.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

I just wanted to share this mixed media canvas by Stacey Rees with you. I love her work and want to tell everyone about it. More of Stacey's work can be found on Flickr or at She definitely has talent to envy.

A beard by any other name....would probably look just as awesome.

I have a thing for beards, and when I say “thing” I mean overwhelming animal magnetism that makes me go weak in the knees when one of these slightly geeky yet extremely confident unicorns pass my way. I’m in my Rex Harrison circa The Ghost and Mrs Muir phase. Point me in the direction of a person who doesn’t rate him as a dead sea captain and I’ll gladly give them what for.
There’s been a huge surge in bearded boys in recent times, and I’ve made it my mission to help others appreciate them as much as I do. In my studies I have found there is a “type” that will grow a beard: the arty-indie-ridiculously goodlooking-surfie-skater guy. I’m pretty sure most of them read
Monster Children and really enjoy street art. I think I’ll need to investigate this further.
One local bearded unicorn is designer Sam Elsom. Not only are his clothes ethically sound, he looks extremely sexy whilst creating the perfect pair of jeans.
Also, if you’re in the mood for beards and can get your hands on a copy of
Monster Children seventeen- you’ll find one of my favourite articles by Adam Blakey on three amazingly talented (beard toting) artists- Alex Kopps, Jeff Canham and Andy Davis. Dig it.
Photo: Danielle Smith

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