Bring back the romance.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm all for bringing back some romance and glamour.
When did everything become about comfort and practicality? Where have the days gone when people wore their best clothes to catch a plane or train, and hats with matching purses to church? What about parties with jazz bands and cocktail dresses, or balls where the women wore floor length gowns? Maybe this only happened in the movies.
I want fresh flowers in every room, big dresses and cardigans with pearl buttons, some classical music instead of the plasma, and a candle lit dinner. Looks like I'll be busy this week.
Image via We Heart It


  1. Well hello there & what a beautiful blog!! MMmmmm something about dressing up, matching accessories & beautiful detail & thought. This week my daughters tried on my wedding dress & they had a ball. They can't wait to try the finer things in life, formal gowns & evening accessories. Love Posie


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