Friday, July 29, 2011

I've been obsessed with the concept of "Mizpah" for quite some time now, it is symbolic of an emotional bond between people and symbolizes a place of sanctuary. The term "Mizpah" comes from the Bible, Genesis 31:49, and the verse goes like this: "And Mizpah; for he said, The Lord watch between me and thee, when we are absent one from another." Mizpah jewellery became popular in the Victorian era and also made a huge resurgence in World War 1 for the men who went to war to wish them a safe passage back.
On Tuesday I turned 24 and my family bought me the best birthday present I think I've ever received - the above Mizpah ring. It was made in 1881 - isn't that amazing?! I am so in love with it, and for me it represents the amazing bond and love that my family has for me and I for them. It fits so perfectly and every time I look down at it I wonder who it was originally made for and what kind of life it's had, how it got from Birmingham to Blackheath, and where my life will take it.

Float away with me.

Image via ffffound

The museum.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Last weekend we went for a little trip to the mining museum my Dad has been involved with for as long as I can remember. I've been there countless times, but this trip I took time to appreciate the little details. The place is filled with industrial gems. Bits and pieces of days gone by.

Pony rescue.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's official. Lella's house has become a refuge for abandoned ponies. Of the plastic kind.
Can you believe someone actually left this fine pony specimen on the street as part of council clean-up?

Etsy love: Cassandra Smith

I'm totally smitten... How awesome is this painted, naturally shed Mule Deer antler by Cassandra Smith.

The weekend.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I love achieving things on weekends. Relaxing is fantastic too, but I love to get to Sunday night and think 'WOW' look at what we've done.
Lella, Anooke, Be, Hamish, Mum and I started the weekend with a trip to Bowral. It was a lovely girly day looking at at antique shops, buying wool and eating food (some yum, some not so great). The next morning Lella, Anooke and Be (oh and Hamish) helped my Husband and I fill a skip with the remnants of our backyard – old concrete and broken bricks mostly. We laughed a lot and got really dirty - it was hard work, but fun. I'm proud when I see the skip.
Anooke managed to get me hooked on the iPad App, 'Pet Hotel' and I put the final coat of paint on my little table (I'll post photos soon). We even managed to fit in a walk to the lagoon near our house. I feel like we've accomplished a lot.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Since moving into our house in December I've become a bit obsessed with renovating. I've always had a passion for interiors and I'm a fool for a good makeover (this stems from my first viewing of 'Calamity Jane' when I was a wee child).
For years my favourite TV shows have been about renovation or home makeovers and my favourite magazines are all about lovely homes. All I think about is decorating. I renovate our house in my head every night before I go to sleep - I find it calming (see what I mean about obsessed).
Our house is the annoying, half done kind. So we are stuck with a few things that are just too new (or expensive) to change - like my inherited latte kitchen with pebble splash back. Ewwwww. Hopefully we can change the splash back and live with the latte for a while.
We recently re-did our bathroom - I will post photos when we get around to finishing the paint job on the ceiling. Finishing paint jobs seems to be a problem for us at the moment. We did have a plan to start at the front of the house and work to the back - but I get over excited and start other projects before we're finished an entire room. Having a two year old who loves to help doesn't make things easy either.
I'm eager to see our home makeover complete... Maybe before I change my mind and want to start all over again.

Dreaming of lazy days.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Today I'm dreaming of a holiday. The family kind. The kind where you read and cook and eat and laugh and walk and laugh and eat. The kind that requires casual clothes only and no watches or TV.

We are tied together.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Image via We Heart It

Milton and his Violet.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A little while ago, I was at my Grandma's and came across her boxes of old photos. I had seen her wedding photos before, but only the formal framed ones she has on display. I love these more candid shots. The beautiful, young couple standing next to the big car, the wind catching Grandma's veil – you can almost imagine being there.

Etsy love: Lackluster Co.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I love Lackluster Co.'s selection of vintage and industrial decor. The old numbers from petrol stations and railways, the crates and other goodies like world globes and football helmets. Love, love love.

Am I really a grown up?

I'm almost 30 but don't feel a day over 18. I know more now than I did then, but I still feel the same.
I've never been one of those people concerned with age. Getting older just happens and that's the way things are. But as the months creep closer to my 30th birthday, age seems to be on my mind. I've started to notice little wrinkles around my eyes, I've started to feel out of place at clothing shops I've frequented for years and I have a baby seat in my car.
The other week I went into the office next door to mine, and the receptionist said (referring to me) 'The lady from next door's here'. I almost turned around to look at the person standing behind me, and then realised she was talking about me. I was shocked. Since when had I been a 'lady' and not a girl. I think I was actually offended. I laughed later, but at the time I was secretly gob-smacked. Me, a 'lady'?
Sometimes I feel like a kid playing house. We bought saucepans today and I turned to my husband and said 'I feel like a real adult'. Maybe when I'm 40 I'll be a real adult?

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