Laundry love.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Today we gave my laundry a makeover. It has been a forgotten room, but one I use a lot, so decided it was time it got some attention. Be and I started the day with morning tea at Black Star Pastry – they make the best ever macaroons – and then headed to Ikea for a set of white drawers and a very cute cream tin, a bit like an old fashioned bin with a lid.
The fun started when we got home and tried to assemble the drawers with my one year old 'trying to help'. You don't know stress until you've combined a toddler with flat pack furniture. We got there in the end and the result was well worth it. Now, the laundry isn't as pretty as the picture above, but give me a few weeks to add some romance and we will be nearly there. It feels so good to have given my laundry some love. I keep walking past and looking in with a big smile on my face.
Order at last.
Image via Desire to Inspire


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