Ancient ruins.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

When we first saw our backyard it was, to our knowledge, rough lawn with barely any plants and a couple of big gum trees. It has two levels, and we had planned to have a big lawn to play on at the back, and a big herb and vegetable garden at the front. We could see a couple of pavers under the grass at the back, but just thought we'd pull those up and level things a bit.
To our surprise the 'few' pavers turned into a big octagon of pavers under the grass. We dug up all the pavers – a mammoth job in the middle of summer, and thought we were almost done. We were wrong. Deeper under the ground, and around the pavers was a large brick circle which we have named the 'ancient ruins'. We spent the weekend digging up the circle and stacking bricks, which we think we will build a wood fired pizza oven with. Our neighbour mentioned that there was a pool there and then a gazebo with an impressive fernery. I would have liked to have seen it.


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