Weekend interlude.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

For Mother's Day I asked for a pair of slippers and a DVD. I got both and was extremely pleased. I also got a surprise weekend away! I hate surprises, so I must admit I wasn't very gracious when I received a note to say I needed to be waiting with my bag packed on Friday afternoon. I still hate surprises, but it was a good one. My husband had organised a 'girls' weekend in Wildes Meadow (near Bowral) – no boys, 3 or 30. He booked a cottage and arranged for my lovely friend and sister to pick me up. We spent the weekend eating, shopping, talking and planning. We explored the Southern Highlands and bought homemade jam and antiques, ate beer flavoured ice cream and built a fire without the help of boys. The slippers and DVD are great, but the gift of time and memories is precious.


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