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Sunday, September 23, 2012

I'm trying my best to be gluten free and as healthy as I can. I don't have a severe allergy to gluten or anything, but I know I feel a lot better when I'm not eating wheat products. I think the easiest way to stick to it is by being prepared. I find if I have my meals planned and snacks made, I'm less likely to be tempted by food I shouldn't eat.
I have been cooking recipes from The Healthy Chef, Teresa Cutter. Everything I have made so far has tasted great. I must admit that I have had my doubts about some of the recipes, but they always turn out really well. Some of my favourites are the Gluten Free Banana Bread, Apple + Cinnamon Breakfast Cookies, Healthy Carrot Cake and Chilli Con Carne. The recipes even come with a breakdown of how much protein, carbs, fat etc. in each serve. The recipes are generally butter, sugar and wheat free – they do taste good I promise!
As I've got more confident I have even made some alterations to some of the recipes, like the breakfast cookies, for a bit more variety.
The first photo is my Gluten Free Banana Bread with blueberries, the second Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins.


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