Five: Guilty pleasures.

Monday, July 6, 2009

5. Reading in the middle of the day.
How good is it when you can just sit and read? I love it. Forget the house work...
4. Curling up under my Son's mink blanket.
I know it's his, but it's so soft and warm. I'm sure if he knew he wouldn't mind.
3. Expensive make-up brushes.
Lella assures me they will last a life-time. That's how I justify buying one brush instead of a pair of shoes. It's totally worth it.
2. Donuts. 
Iced or cinnamon, hot or cold - I don't mind. Yum.
1. One Tree Hill. 
I  just love watching One Tree Hill with my Mum and Sisters. What juicy teen drama! I can't wait to get season six on DVD.
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