A place of our own.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Anooke and I always talk about getting a place together once she finishes school. We'll have two dogs - a daschund named Melvin Frankfurt Senior and a chubby english bulldog called Badgely - who will both wear scarves and play hide and go seek with each other. On Thursdays we'll listen to Bon Jovi and every other day we'll drink milo together while talking about our day. There will be plenty of bookshelves and terrariums and all our magazines will be in chronological order and we'll have heaps of sweet art on our walls. We'll have a room dedicated to our clothes and shoes and there will always be a skateboard or bmx at the door for anyone who needs to borrow a ride - and we'll pack them a thermos of milo and some gluten-free cookies.

Images from The Selby.


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