Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm a skirt kind of girl, and with Summer fast approaching it's time to refresh my wardrobe. Here is what Christian Dior's 'The Little Dictionary of Fashion' says about skirts:
There are few woman who can wear every type of skirt. Only those who have a slim waistline and no hips. The rest of you have to choose which suits you best – and when you have found the right type of skirt, keep to it.
The simpler your skirt, the better fit it must be. A slim skirt must never be so straight that you cannot move in it – that is ridiculous. Like everything in fashion your clothes must always give you the feeling that they are easy to wear.
Full skirts, too, need to be well cut so that there is no bunchiness round the waist; for this reason a flared or pleated skirt is usually more flattering than a gathered one.
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