Monday, July 29, 2013

Mostly I'm upbeat and pretty happy with my life, but occasionally I have a day where fear, doubt and self pity creep in. I start to worry about the future, about the arrival of a second child. About money and schooling and my parenting skills. About my four year old's diet and the health of my unborn baby. Then things really spiral out of control and I feel myself having a completely irrational internal tantrum about the fact that I won't be buying a new Bugaboo Bee for my new baby, and that like most people I will be using the perfectly good pram I used for my first child. At this point I say to myself 'really?' and try to pull myself out of the funk.
I saw this image on Pinterest and it reminded me of what I have and it made me glad. Glad for all that I have been blessed with. The important things. From now on I will try to worry less and be thankful more.


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