Mess and decisions.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We have been slowly renovating our house since we bought it two and a half years ago. Our biggest project to date has been the complete overhaul of the main bathroom. Other than that we have painted and landscaped.
We have just started the biggest part of the renovations: adding french doors to our living area, turning our awful second toilet into a new laundry/bathroom, converting the existing laundry into a study and sanding and finishing the floorboards throughout the house. What better time to embark on such an adventure, than when a new baby is soon to arrive?
I suppose I have it in my head that in order to have a new baby, we need to have the house mostly finished. I think I may be crazy. The other crazy part is that we are doing most of the work ourselves. When I have my doubts about our deadline, my Husband reminds me that he needs people with a 'can do attitude' around him. So I am now 'Mrs can do'.
The ugly, dirty, demolition photos above are our house. The lovely, stylish and finished photos are inspiration I have found on Pinterest. I'm hoping the end result will look as good. Fingers crossed.
I find choosing fixtures and fittings and making decisions about how things should look the hardest. I spend hours trawling the net for inspiration and making lists of products and prices. We have a tight budget, so being clever with our money is very important.
For now my biggest decision is tiles or pressed metal. Oh the choices. Oh the decisions.


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