Homage to the Beard.

Friday, June 26, 2009

If you have read our first ever post 'A beard by any other name...', you will know that Lella has a thing for beards. I had thought that her obsession was rather odd, but came to terms with it (and even have to admit that Captain Gregg – from The Ghost and Mrs Muir – is pretty fine, beard and all).
So when I came across Erin Dollar's fantastic handmade beards on Etsy, I quickly showed Lella and we decided Erin may just be one of the coolest people with an Etsy store. 
Not only is Erin an excellent beard maker, she is also a wonderful illustrator and has a great blog, I made you a beard, dedicated to 'sharing beard related tid-bits'.
Whether you are a beard maniac, or prefer a clean shaven chin, I'm sure you will appreciate and enjoy Erin's work – she has had me chuckling all morning.


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