Yes, I'm another Twilight addict.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I didn't want to be. I'd seen the hype around it all and wasn't the least bit interested. So when my sister hired the movie for us to watch one afternoon, I sat on the lounge with her to keep her company, preparing to be bored. Well, that all changed half way through and I was hooked.
I'm now half way through the third book, Eclipse, and totally loving the series! I Can't wait to finish! It's all I can think about.
I felt like a cop out when I saw a 13 year old girl wearing a t-shirt that said 'Forget princess, I want to be a vampire', but then again who wouldn't love the old world charm of Edward Cullen? He's romantic, well read, musical, stylish and oh so strong... I've joined teenage girls all over the world and fallen in love.
Photo from Vanity Fair


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