The weekend.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I love achieving things on weekends. Relaxing is fantastic too, but I love to get to Sunday night and think 'WOW' look at what we've done.
Lella, Anooke, Be, Hamish, Mum and I started the weekend with a trip to Bowral. It was a lovely girly day looking at at antique shops, buying wool and eating food (some yum, some not so great). The next morning Lella, Anooke and Be (oh and Hamish) helped my Husband and I fill a skip with the remnants of our backyard – old concrete and broken bricks mostly. We laughed a lot and got really dirty - it was hard work, but fun. I'm proud when I see the skip.
Anooke managed to get me hooked on the iPad App, 'Pet Hotel' and I put the final coat of paint on my little table (I'll post photos soon). We even managed to fit in a walk to the lagoon near our house. I feel like we've accomplished a lot.


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