Thursday, July 7, 2011

Since moving into our house in December I've become a bit obsessed with renovating. I've always had a passion for interiors and I'm a fool for a good makeover (this stems from my first viewing of 'Calamity Jane' when I was a wee child).
For years my favourite TV shows have been about renovation or home makeovers and my favourite magazines are all about lovely homes. All I think about is decorating. I renovate our house in my head every night before I go to sleep - I find it calming (see what I mean about obsessed).
Our house is the annoying, half done kind. So we are stuck with a few things that are just too new (or expensive) to change - like my inherited latte kitchen with pebble splash back. Ewwwww. Hopefully we can change the splash back and live with the latte for a while.
We recently re-did our bathroom - I will post photos when we get around to finishing the paint job on the ceiling. Finishing paint jobs seems to be a problem for us at the moment. We did have a plan to start at the front of the house and work to the back - but I get over excited and start other projects before we're finished an entire room. Having a two year old who loves to help doesn't make things easy either.
I'm eager to see our home makeover complete... Maybe before I change my mind and want to start all over again.


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