Letter to Cody Hudson: "Why I think we are M.F.E.O."

Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Dear Cody Hudson,

I think you're neat. I bought your book "Save my life" the other day and loved it. Also, you have a rad beard; and while we're on the subject of beards, let me just say that Capt. Daniel Gregg from the Ghost and Mrs Muir had the greatest beard of all time. I can't wait to see if we are "M.F.E.O" (made for each other), which I think is highly likely as I like beards, you have one, I like art, you make it, you know...so on and so forth. See you soon (in a totally non-stalker way, like as in not literally "see" you soon),

Sleepless and Son, whoops, I mean Lella."

Ok fine, so I lifted a few lines from Sleepless in Seattle. But I do think that Capt. Daniel Gregg from The Ghost and Mrs Muir had the best beard of all time and also that Cody Hudson is one of the finest artists of the 21st Century. I love him. And his beard and his awesome body....of work. Check out Cody's work here, at Struggle Inc.  Also, buy his book.


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