Doomgloom....Doom and Gloom.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dear Readers,
Terribly sorry to be the voice of doom and gloom, but I’m having a particularly tough day.

Its time for a pity party: Crap day, no job (anymore) and no prospects (well at least none that I can foresee with my pity party pants on). I’m sure there are much worse things that could happen to me. But still, I wish I had a mum to sing “Cheer up Charlie” to me.
Luckily for me there are people like
this who make pretty images like the above to cheer me up a bit.
Hope you have a lovely day, unless you're having a pity party like that case, we should bake some cookies and I'll come over for tea and we can party it up together.


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